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Prices are firm.

"Vintage" Pen Limited Warrantee:

All vintage pens are warranteed to be restored and operating properly, unless otherwise stated in the Catalog. Under normal use, all pens are warranteed for six months from date of purchase (this warranty specifically excludes normal wear and tear, physical damage, mishandeling, misuse, abuse, neglect, accidental breakage, operating difficulties caused by any of the above, or product loss). We will, at no charge, restore any vintage pen covered by this warrantee which ceases to operate properly. This warrantee covers the original purchaser only and, after five days, does not include shipping costs to deliver the item back to the seller.

"Modern" Pen Limited Warrantee (ca Post-1980):

Our normal five day return privilege applies. Unfortunately, we often cannot restore modern pens due to lack of parts or inaccessability to the mechanisms (many modern pen companies manufacturer their pens with the plan that no restoration will ever be done -- they simply plan, for example, to replace any broken pen). If we cannot restore the pen, you may still have some recourse through the manufacturer or distributor. This would be completely between you and them (in fact, any intervention by us on your behalf may intefere with their willingness to be of help to you). We can try to be of help to obtain contact information on request. Thank you for your understanding. This warrantee covers the original purchaser only and does not include shipping costs to deliver the item back to the seller.

Return Privileges:

You have five (5) days from receipt of the item to return it for any reason. If you wish to return a pen, call, fax, or email to let us know. We reserve the right to withhold a refund if the item returned is not the same item and/or not in the same condition as delivered.

"Buy-back" Policy: will consider (not guarantee) repurchase or trade-in of a pen it has sold.  If repurchased, the buyer will normally receive 1/2 of the original purchase price.  If traded-in for other pen(s), we may offer a slightly higher allowance, at our sole discretion.  The pen needs to be in the same condition as when originally purchased (as determined solely by reserves the right to decline any pen for any reason, at it's sole discretion.

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